Process Control and Capability

Process Capability ChartStatistical Process Control methods are use to assess process stability, and to determine if and when to adjust a process. They may also be used to detect the exact time when a process has shifted, and to quantify the variability in the process. They are required before assessing Process Capability.

This interactive hands-on workshop gives an overview to current methods used in SPC, and uses real data examples and current software packages – for example, Minitab and STATISTICA.

Custom workshops may be given using data from your own processes. The course is normally 1 day long, but may be given over 2 days, using more examples and applications, and/or more intensive training in the software (such as Minitab or STATISTICA).

Process Capability 6Pack from MinitabWorkshops Topics

  • Overview: What are Statistics, What is SPC, Control Charts
  • Normal Distribution, Central Limit Theorem
  • Six Sigma Quality
  • What is SPC? What are control Charts?
  • 3 key concepts: Variability, Stability and Capability
  • How to assess process variability stability and capability
  • Rules for Interpreting Control Charts
  • Specification Limits vs Control Limits
  • 3 Assumptions in using Control Charts: Random Samples, Independent, Single Source of Variation
  • Rules of Thumb in Use of Control charts: choice of subgroups, determining control limits, when to change control limits, sampling frequency, when to / not to adjust the process
  • Flowchart to Select Control Charts
    • Variable Control Charts: X-bar, Range, I, MR
    • Attribute Control Charts: c, u, p. np
    • Process Capability Indices: Cp, K, Cpk, Cpm, Cr, Pp, Pr; relationships among capability indices
    • Individual, EWMA and CUSUM chartsOne Point Signal Control charts: EWMA, Cusum charts
  • Comparing Shewhart, Cusum, EWMA charts
  • Testing Assumptions
  • What if assumptions not met?
  • When to use SPC or Engineering Process Control?
  • Additional Tools
  • References

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