Statistical Workshops

Two-Level Fractional Factorial Designs - click for printable page - learn these designs in your statistical software!Carol Kavanaugh offers a complete suite of statistical software training using authorized, current materials from several software packages. Carol is an experienced instructor and user of JMP, Minitab, Statistica, and other statistical software packages – and can customize your training as much as you need!

Students in all workshops work through multiple industry-relevant examples, with the assistance of vendor-authorized workbooks that may be retained for future reference.

At the end of each workshop, all participants are able to fully navigate the statistical software tools and understand what each menu item does. Specific workshops drill down into the detail of specific analytical and graphical tools – giving practice organizing data for each analysis, performing analyses with various options, and visualizing the results with appropriate graphics.

In all these software packages, nearly every analysis gives a corresponding graphical visualization, which helps in interpretation, presentation and understanding of the data and the analysis! Participants have lots of opportunities in the workshops to practice analyses and graphical presentations!

All participants receive certificates recording ASQ Recertification Units earned in the workshop, for students wishing to maintain ASQ Certification. (Carol is an ASQ Certified Quality Engineer).

Authorized statistical software training, using the latest program versions and custom and / or vendor-supplied training materials:

  • Process Control and Capability – determine process stability using Statistical Process Control; assess process capability using standard process capability indices such as Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk and others.
  • Customized workshops for your company, at your site.

Carol Kavanaugh is an authorized reseller for Design-Expert, JMP, Minitab, and STATISTICA.