STATISTICA – Multivariate Analysis

This workshop is normally taught in 1 day. Prerequesite: Introduction to STATISTICA, or working knowledge of STATISTICA.


To introduce participants to the several multivariate analytical methods available in STATISTICA.

Canonical Correlation

  • Analysis of relationships between sets of variables
  • Determining number of significant canonical roots/variates
  • Interpreting canonical roots/variates

Cluster Analysis

  • Computing distances
  • Joining (hierarchical clustering)
  • k-Means Clustering

Discriminant Analysis

  • Assessing discriminatory power
  • Analyzing nature of discrimination numerically and graphically
  • Modeling prediction of group membership

Factor Analysis

  • Component vs. Factor Models
  • Rotation methods
  • Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Each participant receives an official STATISTICA workbook and data files, as well as a certificate for Recertification Units for completion of this workshop.

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