STATISTICA – Introduction

STATISTICA - Retail Gas Prices, US $/gal, 7 countries, 1995 - 2013This Workshop is normally taught in 1 day. This workshop is a prerequisite for all other STATISTICA workshops.

This workshop is designed to instruct the student on how to take advantage of the numerous data and graphical tools available in STATISTICA. Step-by-step examples are presented on how to enter and manipulate data (including importing from other file formats such as spreadsheets), and create and customize many graph types. Participants are advised on how to optimize the use of STATISTICA. The final part of the class time is devoted to questions from participants.


  • To provide users with an understanding of the general conventions, data management, and graphics capabilities of STATISTICA.
  • To offer users hands-on instruction in data management, displaying output results, and creating and customizing graphs.
  • To expose participants to the graphical methods available for exploring data and supporting statistical analysis.
  • To provide users with expert tips on how to optimize the use of STATISTICA.

General ConventionsSTATISTICA - 3d surface plot

  • User-interface
  • Customization options
  • Creating reports, documents

Data Management

  • Creating, modifying, and saving data
  • Importing data from other applications
  • File structure manipulation


STATISTICA Matrix plot

  • Creating graphs
  • Customizing graphs
  • Brushing techniques


  • Introduction to Analysis Macros
  • Introduction to Master Macros

Each participant receives an official STATISTICA workbook and data files, as well as a certificate for Recertification Units for completion of this workshop.

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