Minitab – Basic Statistics (Service)

Minitab - Run ChartThis hands-on workshop is normally taught in 1 day (or 1.5 days with additional or custom content). Prerequisite: Introduction to Minitab and Basic Graphical Analysis, or working knowledge of Minitab.

Augment your graphical analysis skills using MINITAB’s powerful statistical tools. Develop the foundation for important statistical concepts such as hypothesis testing and confidence intervals. By analyzing a variety of real world data sets, learn how to match the appropriate statistical tool to your own applications and how to correctly interpret statistical output to reveal problems quickly with a process or to show evidence of an improvement. Learn how to explore critical features in your processes through statistical modeling tools that help to uncover and describe relationships between variables. The course emphasis is on making good business decisions through the use of statistical tools commonly used in business, transactional, and service processes.

Tools Covered Include: t-Tests, Proportion Tests, Tests for Equal Variance, Power and Sample Size, Tables and Chi-Square Analysis, Correlation, Simple Linear Regression, ANOVA.

Optional topics are special additions to standard Minitab training workshops, and extend the course by about 1/2 day. All Minitab training workshops use the latest, current version of Minitab, and authorized Minitab training materials.

One and Two sample t-testsMinitab - Boxplot to compare 2 groups

  • One sample t-tests; hypothesis testing
  • testing for randomness using a Run Chart; testing for Normal distribution
  • Testing a null hypothesis using t-tests and confidence intervals
  • assesing power of a hypothesis test using power analysis
  • testing the difference betwen a process mean and a target value using a one-sample t test
  • testing the difference between two sample means using a two-sample t-test
  • testing for randomness and Normality; comparing variances
  • testing the differences between paired observations using a paired t-test

Optional: videos on Confidence Intervals, paired t-tests (from Against All Odds: Inside Statistics series); review of Truth Tables, development of Null Hypothesis; online demonstration of Confidence Intervals

Proportions and Chi Square tests

  • test of one proportion; Confidence Interval for one proportion
  • power and sample size for a one-proportion test;
  • evaluate the difference between an observed proportion and a historical value or target;
  • test of two proportions; evaluate difference between two sample proportions using a two-proportion test;
  • evaluate the relationship between two categorical variables using a P chart, Chi-square test, and cross tabulation.

Regression AnalysisMinitab - Fitted Line Plot

  • evaluate linear relationship between two variables using Scatterplot, Correlation and Fitted Line Plot
  • evaluate the linear relationship between multiple categorical and continuous predictor variables and a response using Make Indicator Variables, Best Subsets, and Regression
  • Evaluate the disadvantages of the r^2 relationship between two variables using Fitted Line Plot
  • evaluate the relationship between multiple variables using Fitted Line Plot

Optional: testing assumptions of regression by analyzing residuals

Analysis of VarianceMinitab - Residual Analysis

  • evaluate differences between group means for a single factor using one-way ANOVA and General Linear Model;
  • testing for equal variance; performing one-way ANOVA
  • interpreting residuals
  • evaluate differences between group means for a single factor using General Linear Model to conduct a one-way ANOVA

Practice Exercises

Each participant receives an official Minitab workbook and data files, as well as a certificate for Recertification Units for completion of this workshop.

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