Minitab – Advanced Reliability

Minitab - Weibull Plot of Start Time for Threshold leakage fro CMOS RAM device, under accelerated test conditionsThis hands-on workshop is normally taught in 1 day (or 1.5 days with additional or custom content). Prerequisites: Minitab Essentials and Introduction to Basic Statistics, Introduction to Reliability, or a working knowledge of Minitab and basic Reliability methods.

Study and describe the impact that explanatory variables have on product lifetime. Learn how to obtain reliability estimates on highly reliable products in a reasonable amount of time. A strong emphasis is placed on using appropriate probability models to predict important lifetime characteristics of your products once in the field. Tools covered include: Probit Analysis, Regression with life Data, Accelerated Life Testing and Test Plans.

Optional topics are special additions to standard Minitab training workshops, and extend the course by about 1/2 day. All Minitab training workshops use the latest, current version of Minitab, and authorized Minitab training materials.

Regression with Life DataMinitab - Regression with life data, showing models to predict breaking force for toothbrush tufts, for 6 different setups of tuft type and count

  • understand the principles and uses of regression with life data
  • determine the effect of a variable on the probability pf product failure
  • determine the risk of failure to an entire fleet of products

Optional: Tree Diagrams to visualize crossed and nested regression models; Multi-Vari charts to visualize results from crossed and nested datasets.

Accelerated Life TestingMinitab - Probability plot with observed data under accelerated testing conditions (temperature 125, 150 and 175), with prediction and 95% confidence interval for normal temperature (55)

  • understand the different accelerated life testing models and the uses of accelerated life testing
  • determine when highly reliable components are expected to fail
  • determine the appropriate sample size and allocation of units to stress levels for an accelerated life test
  • determine the effect of a factor on the lifetime of a component

Probit Analysis

  • understand the principles and uses of probit analysis
  • determine the effect of a stress variable on the probability of product failure

Practice Exercises

Each workshop participant receives an official Minitab workbook and data files, as well as a certificate for Recertification Units.

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