Minitab – Introduction to Reliability

Minitab - Weibull Reliability ChartThis hands-on workshop is normally taught in 1 day (or 1.5 days with additional or custom content). Prerequisites: Minitab Essentials and Introduction to Basic Statistics or working knowledge of Minitab and basic statistical methods.

Determine lifetime characteristics of a product using both graphical and quantitative analysis methods. Examine case studies containing censored and uncensored data to learn how to correctly handle a wide variety of data structures commonly found in reliability. Explore the common distributions used to model failure rates and develop necessary skills in choosing these models.

Tools covered include: Parametric and Nonparametric Distribution Analysis, Estimation and Demonstration Test Plans, and Growth Curves.

Optional topics are special additions to standard Minitab training workshops, and extend the course by about 1/2 day. All Minitab training workshops use the latest, current version of Minitab, and authorized Minitab training materials.

Introduction to ReliabilityMinitab - Reliability Distributions

  • understand the main concepts and uses of reliability methods
  • understand the uses and characteristics of distribution analysis
  • understand the types of censoring that occur in reliability data
  • learn how to compare two reliability distributions

Reliability Test PlanningMinitab - Distribution Overview Plot

  • determine the appropriate sample size for estimating a percentile or reliability using estimation test plans
  • understand the uses of the smallest extreme value distribution
  • understand the principles and uses of demonstration test plans
  • model reliability data with no failures using Bayes analysis

Multiple Failure ModesMinitab - Multiple Failure Modes

  • understand multiple failure modes
  • estimate the reliability of a system with multiple failure modes uisng parametric distribution analysis


Nonparametric Distribution AnalysisMinitab - nonparametric Survival Plot

  • understand the uses and characteristics of nonparametric distribution analysis


Repairable Systems ReliabilityMinitab - Mean Cumulative System Cost

  • understand the principles and uses of nonparametric and parametric growth models
  • use nonparametric and parametric techniques for analyzing repairable system
  • find the failure rate of a repairable system
  • use parametric models to compare the reliability across multiple repairable systems

Practice Exercises

Each workshop participant receives an official Minitab workbook and data files, as well as a certificate for Recertification Units.

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