Minitab – Response Surface Designs

Minitab - overlaid contour plot of 2 response modelsThis hands-on workshop is normally taught in 1 day (or 1.5 days with additional or custom content). Prerequisites: Minitab Essentials and Introduction to Basic Statistics, Factorial Designs, or working knowledge of Minitab and basic statistical and classical Experimental Design methods.

Expand your knowledge of basic 2 level full and fractional factorial designs to those that are ideal for process optimization. Learn how to use MINITAB’s DOE interface to create response surface designs, analyze experimental results, and find optimal factor settings. Learn how to experiment in the real world by using techniques such as sequential experimentation that balance the discovery of critical process information while being sensitive to the resources required to obtain that information. Learn how to find factor settings that simultaneously optimize multiple responses.

Topics Covered Include: Central Composite and Box-Behnken Designs, Calculations for Steepest Ascent, Overlaid Contour Plots, Multiple Response Optimization.

Optional topics are special additions to standard Minitab training workshops, and extend the course by about 1/2 day. All Minitab training workshops use the latest, current version of Minitab, and authorized Minitab training materials.

Central Composite and Box-Behnken Designs

Minitab - Contour Plot to predict model after Central Composite Experiment

  • create and use central composite designs to find factor settings that optimize a response
  • create and use Box-Behnken designs to find factor settings that optimize a reponse

Sequential Experimentation

  • find optimal factor settings using fractional factorial designs with response surface designs
  • use the path of steepest ascent to find optimal factor settings
  • build a central composite design by augmenting a fractional factorial design

Multiple Response Optimization

Minitab - Steepest Ascent Sequential Experimentation

  • find the factor settings that optimize the resopnse variable using a face-centred central composite design
  • find the factor settings that optimize multiple response variables using response surface design

Practice Exercises

Each workshop participant receives an official Minitab workbook and data files, as well as a certificate for Recertification Units.

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