Minitab – Advanced Regression and ANOVA

Graph from Analysis of CovarianceThis hands-on workshop is normally taught in 1 day (or 1.5 days with additional or custom content). Prerequisites: Minitab Essentials and Introduction to Basic Statistics, or working knowledge of Minitab and basic statistical methods.

Continue to build on the fundamental statistical analysis concepts taught in the Basic Statistics course by learning additional statistical modeling tools that help to uncover and describe relationships between variables. Hands-on examples illuminate how modeling tools help reveal key inputs and sources of variation in your processes. Learn how to use statistical models to investigate how processes may behave under varying conditions. This course provides techniques to help you better understand your processes and to focus and verify your improvement efforts.

Topics Covered Include: Multiple and Stepwise Regression; GLM with Covariates, Nesting and Random Factors; MANOVA; Binary and Nominal Logistic Regression.

Optional topics are special additions to standard Minitab training workshops, and extend the course by about 1/2 day. All Minitab training workshops use the latest, current version of Minitab, and authorized Minitab training materials.

Analysis of VarianceMinitab - Residuals Analysis after ANOVA

  • compare group means using a general linear model
  • study the relationship between a covariate and a response variable, using analysis of covariance
  • study effects of nested and random factors using a nested ANOVA
  • detect differences in means for multiple responses using a multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA)
  • tree diagrams to visualize nested models
  • crossed vs nested factors using tree diagrams
  • Multi-Vari charts to visualize relationship between nested and crossed factors, and responses
  • discussion of fixed vs random factors, nested vs crossed factors

Multiple regression

  • perform regression analysis with more than one predictor
  • understand the causes and effects of multicollinearity in multiple regression analysis

Logistic RegressionMinitab - Probability Plot

  • determine which factors and covariates affect a binary response
  • interpret the binary logistic regression coefficients and odds ratio
  • graphically display the binary logistic regression predictions
  • determine which predictors affect a nominal response
  • interpret the nominal logistic regression coefficients and odds ratio
  • graphically display the nominal logistic regression predictions

Practice Exercises

Each workshop participant receives an official Minitab workbook and data files, as well as a certificate for Recertification Units.

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