Design of Experiments Workshop

Two-Level Fractional Factorial Designs - click for printable pageThis workshop is normally taught in 2 days. Prerequesites:

  • familiarity with a process / product with several factors which may be varied, and either
    • familiarity with computer software such as JMP or Minitab,
    • Design-Expert Experimental Design Software (no previous experience with this software required).


Learn how to plan, design, run and analyze full and factorial designs, as well as analyze 8 real case studies involving actual experiments from Carol’s work experience.


Visualization of Models predicting Popcorn Taste and Unpopped Kernels, DesignExpert

Topics include:

Visualization of models to predict popcorn taste and unpopped kernels, JMP

  • when an experimental design is or is not appropriate to use;
  • design of experiments to screen factors affecting one or more responses; clear analysis of results;
  • classical full and fractional factorial and Taguchi designs;
  • how to choose an appropriate experimental design, based on costs and benefits of various designs;
  • Simultaneous optimization of several response variables;
  • development and assessment of various multiple regression models;
  • design and analysis of mixture experiments;
  • dealing with incomplete experiments (missing runs);
  • use of computer software to plan, design, anlayse, interpret and visualize results from designed experiments.
  • Real examples of designed experiments done in industry; discussion of practical issues encountered in running plant experiments.

Suggested participants:

  • individuals who need to run experiments to learn about process behaviour for control and/or optimization;
  • management team members who need to allocate resources to learn about process improvement.

Each participant receives a Design of Experiments Workbook with examples, an Excel workbook for design and analysis of factorial and fractional factorial experiments, and 2 Recertification Units for completion of this workshop.

Download pdf’s visualizing models from microwave popcorn designed experiment: Design-Expert, JMP.

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