Design of Experiments

Two-Level Fractional Factorial Designs - click for printable pageExperimental Designs are used to identify or screen important factors affecting a process, and to develop empirical models of processes. Design of Experiment techniques enable teams to learn about process behavior by running a series of experiments. Tradeoffs as to amount of information gained for number of runs, are known before running the experiments.

Carol’s Design of Experiments Workshop is an intensive workshop, which may be offered in one or two days, depending on your desired level of customization. It is geared to individuals who want to examine and/or optimize a process by running economic and effective experiments. Participants learn principles of designing experiments, work with real case studies, and practice hands-on designing, analysing and interpreting results of experiments, using calculators, spreadsheets, and software for designing and analysing experiments (using Design-ExpertJMPMinitabSTATISTICAand/or Excel spreadsheets).

Visualizations of models predicting microwave popcorn taste and unpopped kernels, following a designed experiment:

Visualization of Models predicting Popcorn Taste and Unpopped Kernels, DesignExpert

Visualization of models to predict popcorn taste and unpopped kernels, JMP

Download pdf’s visualizing models from microwave popcorn designed experiment: Design-Expert, JMP.