About Carol

Carol KavanaughCarol Kavanaugh, M.Sc., ASQ C.Q.E., based in KingstonOntarioCanada – teaches and consults on the use of statistics in business and industry to improve products and services – with an emphasis on graphical visualization and analysis. She also has extensive industrial experience both as an internal (Alcan) and external consultant in statistical methods, especially in experimental design and statistical process control. Carol is an ASQ Certified Quality Engineer and a Senior Member of the American Society for Quality (Ottawa ValleyToronto, and Montreal sections), also Statistics Division.

She is also experienced and knowledgeable in the use and interpretation (and challenges) of variety of analysis software such as Excel, PeopleSoft Query, Tableau– and statistical software such as Design-Expert, JMPMinitab, STATISTICA. Carol has been also creating visualizations using Tableau.

Carol has consulted and trained at a variety of companies and industries, including as a certified Green and Black Belt Instructor for Motorola. She is also a certified instructor for Minitab statistical software. She has developed and taught many custom and public workshops in a many analysis tools – including Design of Experiments, Statistical Process Control, and Measurement Systems Analysis.

Carol works at Faculty of Arts and Science at Queen’s University, where she supports decision-making by Deans and Department Heads by providing data visualizations using Tableau, and develops and maintains PeopleSoft Queries.

Contact Information

E- Mail – carol@kavanaugh.ca
mobile – 613 329 7974

ASQ Certified Quality Engineer